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Summer Holidays at Tylers Common, cont…

Coming home from work and once again I have to squeeze my way in the through the front door, as the hall way is packed out with all of Matthews gear as he prepares for tomorrow and another day at the local lake. That all too familiar smell of squid boilies and carp greet me as I slide along the hall way.

This time it’s Ollie that he’s managed to convince to spend the day (and it will be the whole day) with him at Tylers Common.

The usual conversation then ensues; “What time will you be able take me to the lake Mum, Dad?”. Tomorrow it will be Mum and she attempts to convince him that 8am will be early enough. But I’m sure it will end up being earlier, much earlier.

First post

Over the last few years, our eldest son Matthew has become completely obsessed with carp fishing.

Even as a very young boy, he has always enjoyed the occasional wander down to the river Ingrebourne, with his net catching sticklebacks. However, over the last couple of years, he has found complete solace, carp fishing. Like many things he takes an interest in, Matthew has immersed himself totally. He reads up on the subject, he watches endless videos of the latest techniques and equipment and bait. He is well known around the local fishing lakes and will often spend hours talking to the older fishermen, many of whom have commented that ‘he really knows his stuff’.

Tylers Common Fishery, which is one of our local lake, opens at the crack of dawn. And most weekends Matthew is awake just as early. At 5:30am most Saturday and Sunday morning, he will wake, eat a quick breakfast and have the car packed ready to go by 6am. We’ve started to spend many an hour on the bank and so I thought we should start documenting our time together. A blog, come website soon materialized.

So here it is, our blog, our story, our website, about ‘the one that got away’…and the many he’s caught.!