Brentwood Carp Show 26/27th Jan 2019

Matthew was up at the crack of dawn this morning, so he could be first in line at this year’s Carp Show at the Brentwood Centre.

Even though we arrived an hour before the doors officially opened, that didn’t stop him slipping in through the trade entrance to have a quick sneak preview of what was going inside.

I was suprised (although I shouldn’t have been) when we walked past one of the first stands and a guy raised his hand and said ‘Hey Matthew’, apparently recognising him from one of the local lakes, he was completely in his element.

He’d been to the bank the day before to withdraw some money from his account, on the off chance that he might spot some piece of equipment or gadget, that was new on the market and which he just had to have.

It wasn’t long before I was politely asked if I wanted to go home and leave him there; this was my queue to make an exit and leave him in carp heaven.

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