Fishing on the coast – Deal Pier

The four of us (well five, if you include Dudley the dog) decided to venture back down to Deal for the day, to do another spot of pier fishing.

Matthew checked the tide times while Callum packed the car with their sea-fishing gear and shortly after midday we were on the road.

We arrived on the seafront around high-tide and dropped off the boys and their gear at the pier entrance, while we went off to find a parking spot.

5 minutes or so later, we joined them both at the far end of the pier and set up ‘camp’ for the day.

It was a nice warm afternoon, albeit rather windy again but it wasn’t long before they started to catch. Inevitably it had to be Matthew who kicked started the afternoons proceedings.

First fish out was a lovely sea bass caught on sand eel.

SeaBass 14.08.18

Sadly, due to the governments new 2018 guidelines for bass fishing ‘any bass caught during 2018 must be returned immediately’ booooooo.!!

However, it wasn’t long before Matthew hooked something we could keep. This time, with a string of white feathers, he latched onto a shoal of mackerel, hooking 3 in one go. Sadly he lost two while bringing them in but he did manage to land one successfully and after quickly dispatching it, placed it on ice in his cooler box.

Mackerel 14.08.18

After a while the bass and mackerel seemed to stop biting. Callum was first to switch back to his sand eel bait and started trying for the pouting that often collect around the rusty steel legs of the lower jetty.

He could only have been fishing for 5 minutes when they started biting. Callum was first up with what turned out to be a haul of over 20 of the gold and silver fellas, which was probably the best haul we’ve ever had.

Pouting 14.08.18

As the sun started to set, the 5 of us packed up and trundled back to the car, for a quick change and then a stroll along the front. The boys opted for a fish and chip supper whilst sat on the beach, then we found a local dog friendly pub for a g’n’t and a delicious bowl of the local haddock chowder.

It was a great day and we have mackerel for breakfast tomorrow.

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