Junior Carp Camp 2018 – Horseshoe Lake, Gloucester.

To say that he has been looking forward to this ever since we booked it for him last year, is an understatement. Three nights and four days fishing with the Nash lads; Mikey Wilson, Olli Davies and the rest of the boys at Horseshoe lake, Gloucester.

The day before he left he was an absolute nightmare and drove Vicky up the wall. You could see the anxiety in him, he couldn’t sit still. He spent most of the day before, in his fishing shed, checking and re-checking his equipment, making sure he had all the tackle he could ever possibly need.

As usual he was up with the birds at 5:30am and shortly afterwards so were we.
Luckily Matthew was going with a friend and his Dad had agreed to pick him up from home and take them both there, which was a result.

By around 9:30am he had arrived and he gave us a quick call to let us know that he was there safe and sound and then he was gone.

I was in work when Matthew phoned next and although the line was rather faint, I could tell that he had something good to tell me. It was a Facetime call, and no sooner had the call connected, I could see his excited smile and then a quick shot of his first catch of the trip, safety in his landing net. With that he quickly ended the call, telling me that he’d call back in a while.

Ten or fifteen minutes later he phoned me back.

‘Dad, Dad……’

‘Yes Matthew, gone on, tell me how big was it?’

‘Dad……..20lb8oz, my first ever twenty, I cant believe it.’

I was so pleased for him. He’d waited quite a while to break his twenty and within a few hours of arriving, he’d actually done it. The sheer excitement in his voice, was so heartwarming. I felt so unbelievably happy for him. And he was very happy too.

The pictures that the Nash guys took of Matthew, in his waders, up to this chest in water, holding his prize catch were phenomenal. Definitely ones for framing. Thanks a million to Mikey Wilson @MikeWilson at Nash for looking after Matthew during his stay and helping him smash his pb and thanks to everyone at the Carp Society @TheCarpSociety for arranging such an amazing event.



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