4pm Sunday afternoon and bored.!

At 4pm Sunday afternoon most parents would probably be sat at home, maybe around the fire, maybe watching TV with the delicious smell of a slow cooking Sunday roast wafting through the house, not us.

Instead we were convinced to take the boys (both of them this time) over to one of the local lakes for a spot of late afternoon surface fishing. Obviously, it was Matthew’s idea but this time he had managed to convince Callum to come along too.

So for the first time in probably a year, all four of us went out together, which made it a little bit special, despite the cold and the drizzle.

Vicky and I were ushered out of the front door the second the boys had packed the car and 10 minutes later we were unloading at Tylers Common.

The boys ran off to their favourite spot. Vicky and I followed, slightly less enthusiastically, carrying a chair each, Matthew’s larger fishing umbrella and the essential tea, coffee and snacks bag.

We set up, promptly putting the kettle on and settled down in the relative dry.

It was actually quite snug sat together, the content feeling further accentuated at the sight of the boys happily fishing and enjoying the outdoors, together.

It was almost inevitable that Matthew would be the first one to catch. They were never going to be huge, having chosen the easier ‘nursery lake’ to surface fish in. But it wasn’t long before Callum began to catch too. To the point where, no sooner had I sat back down from helping him with a fish, he was straight into another. We both found it sort of funny in the end. It was only ever going to be a few hours fishing but they both made the most of it. Late in the afternoon Matthew started to spot some surface activity from his favourite lake and he quickly moved swims. And it wasn’t long before he was into a fish, and a nice one too. Callum was on hand and was eager to offer his help netting the last catch of the day.

Tylers Common with the Boys

It turned out to be a beautiful 14lb common, the perfect end to a late afternoon session.

Tylers 14lb Sunday afternoon

Before too long we were all back home in the dry with the smell of roasting chicken wafting through the house.

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