Forty Acre Plantation Lakes, Billericay

A new venue for Matthew this time and his first 24hrs session of 2018. And boy it was a cold one.

It’s was a nice venue, well kept swims, pleasant bailiffs and an all important flushable toilet block.

We arrived at around 2pm, with Matthews equally crazy fishing buddy Lewis, arriving shortly after.

After completing my bivvy building duties, unpacking and the preparing and handing out of hot beverages and snacks, we all settled down.

It was an uneventful afternoon, mostly spent trying to keep the local Canada geese away from the boys swims and keeping them supplied with tea and flapjacks. By around 8pm after a welcome, albeit rather burnt, alfresco sausage sandwich, Matthew decided to turn in, and with his Nash receiver tucked securely into his pocket, he bedded down.

It was around 3:30am, when I was woken up by the shouts of Matthews friend from their bivvy. One of Matthews rods had screamed off, his bite alarm was going crazy but he was still fast asleep. Finally I heard him scrabble frantically out of his shelter, trip over in the mud, swear (I bit my lip) and finally snatch his rod from its pod; he was in. I lay in my bivvy listening to the excited noises from them both, chattering quietly to each other, with words of instruction and encouragement. It may have been the middle of an extremely cold winters night but this is what they had both been desperately waiting for and you could hear the euphoria in their voices. It made me smile.!

Shortly afterwards I heard Matthews let out a stifled yell of “Get in.!” and his catch was safety landed.

As warm as I was, wrapped up in several layers of clothes and two sleeping bags, I felt the urge to get up and share in his success. So boots on and phone switched to camera, we completed the obligatory nighttime, headlamp, beaming smile, photo shoot. A nice little 10lb common.

40Acres 10lb

It’s almost midday Sunday morning as I write this “from the bank” and they are both still busy outside. Discussing their approach for the rest of the afternoon, in between teasing each other with the usual friendly teenage banter.