New Year, new PB – 16lb1oz

Its Saturday, its 6:30am and its 1 degrees outside. No matter, Matthew is fed, dressed and is packing the car ready for another weekend on the bank.  This weekend’s venue was Puddledock Farm, Fishery. By 7am the car was unloaded and he was happily trundling along the gravel path, looking for a swim for the day.

Previous weekend’s have been rather quiet but Matthew was ever optimistic and was sure that today would be the day that he would improve on his PB.

I got a call at about 2pm and I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was calling with good news. ‘Dad, I’ve had three fish so far today yeh, 1 small one, 1 at about 11lb’er and….a new PB’. I was over the moon for him. ’16 pound one Dad, common, a new pb’.

He got home about 4pm, he was wet, he was cold but he was absolutely buzzing. After a hot chocolate and a shower we sat together and told me all about it, Matthew eagerly swiped through all the photo’s that he’d had taken of his new personal best. He was one happy chappy.!

New Years resolution; more fishing, no matter what the weather.!

Come rain or shine or wind or snow…

I can’t imagine Matthew ever surrendering his weekend fishing plans to the weather and believe me, we’ve experienced some challenging conditions over the last few weeks. Over the festive period we’ve endured torrential rain one day, storm force winds another (his Advanta Protector Extreme 1 man bivvy coping very well on both occasions) and even an early morning snow storm. The latter giving him his much coveted, ‘Bivvy In The Snow’ picture.

Ice Fishing

Vicky and I generally split the early morning taxi service duties between us. However, I have to admit to the secret joy of being woken at 6am on a cold Sunday morning only to then realiser that it’s not my turn this weekend and being able to roll over and go back to sleep.

Despite the weather, Matthew was as eager as ever to get out over Christmas. Mostly just because he lives to fish, but also to try out his various bit of his new gear. An essential new piece of kit were his custom made to measure, boys full length waders. And the first opportunity he got, there he was, holding his first 2018 catch, waist high in what must have been near freezing water. He didn’t seem to care. One thing I will say is that, despite an obvious attempt to entice the next generation into fishing, there’s most certainly a gap in the market for young, cool and trendy kids’s fishing clothing.