AnglingDirect – King of the Catch 2017 – Runner-up. Thankyou for all your support.!!

To everyone who voted or shared Matthew’s Fishing Competition link over the last 3 months. To all those who went out of their way to seek votes and pester their friends and work colleagues (and complete strangers) to vote and share. To all the people that I contacted totally out of the blue having not spoken to you for years and who still voted, thankyou.

Sadly Matthew didn’t win first prize but he has consoled himself with second place and £1,000 worth of Angling Direct vouchers.
He is already busy deciding how and what to spend the prize money on and asking when we can drive done to the Rayleigh store. I’m hoping that he might offer to buy me a new warmer sleeping bag, as I suspect that we might well be spending a few more nights out on the bank, before the end of the year.

Thanks again to all our friends and family who voted and help make Matthew one extremely happy lad.


After September’s excitement and all that ensued in the days and weeks after ‘the monster catfish’, Matthew topped of September with articles in not one but two of Anglings best weekly magazine. AnglersMail and AnglingTimes. The latter article claiming the much coveted Netbusters! ‘Fish of the Week’.
Suffice to say that Matthew and his two fishing buddies were over the moon.

AnglingTimes copy copyHe’s returned to Slough House a few times over the last couple of weeks and even heard two old fisherman discussing ‘this young lads giant cat-fish’ catch as he wandered onto the lake. He was most proud, as he casually wondered up to the two old boys with a smile on his face and said ‘That was me.!’

He’s going to have to go some to top that weekend but if anyone can Matthew can.!