NASHTACKLEUK – Redbond Junior Match 2017

Matthew had his first ever competitive junior fishing competition yesterday at Birkett Hall Farm Fishery. Rayleigh and District Angling Society and Nash Tackle joined forces to sponsor the day, the Redbond Junior Match 2017, which was a culmination of 6 weeks of tuition that Matthew had attended throughout the summer holidays.
He’d been looking forward to it for weeks, but I’m sure it was more to do with meeting up again with the young guys at Nash again and hopefully finally getting to meet Alain Blair.

Around 20 young anglers took part in the day, which started with them all drawing pegs. Matthew was lucky enough to draw peg 12, which was only two swims away from his favourite spot he’d occupied on the last two visits to Birkett, so he was happy. And to his delight Mikey Wilson was on hand to help him out for the day.

Things started well, with Matthew bagging a nice early common on a float and some very light tackle. But it was clear that he was up against some very good young compettion. As the morning wore on we could see a couple of rival ‘yanglers’ catching on a regular basis, not huge but all adding towards a possible winning weight.

Rules were that only a single rod could be in the water at any one time, so Matthew cunningly set one up a method feeder on one rod and had a spare set up ready for the surface. All the time his method feeder was out near his chosen spot, he would be constantly introducing floating bait to his swim. The moment the carp appeared on the surface, he quickly draw in his method feeder and then went straight onto the suface, with his hookable floaters.

The tactic did work in part, as he managed to bag another nice 5lb common from the top, with 30 minutes of the two hour session left to go. But alas, it was enough. Two fish on the day, a total of just under 10lb and Matthew had to settle for fifth place.

37072648586_3538ee25d3_k copy
Redbond Junior Match

Still it was a great afternoon, the weather was kind, the young guys at NashTackle were brilliant, as always but most importantly he did finally get his photo with Alan.

37072641196_5a9cb0a0b3_k copy
With Alan Blair

Well done everyone at #NashTackle for a superbly organised event.

We’ll definately see you all next year.!

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