It’s been a very quiet week on the carping front, Matthew is back at school now and is severely missing his daily fishing fix. He’s resorted to float fishing along the local river Ingrebourne after school for a few hours each day and spending the evenings improving his rig-making techniques. This evening was spent trying his hand at making his own multi-rigs. Personally, I wouldn’t know where to start. He tells me that this is going to be his “rig for the winter”.


Next weekend will be a big day for him. As a result of him taking part in the Nash junior fishing school for the last 6 weeks, he has been entered into a junior competition next weekend at Birkett Hall Farm Reservoir. Neither of us are quiet sure exactly what to expect on the day. Nash have done a fantastic job over the holidays with their free fishing school and he’s picked up so many new tips and tricks, all of which he will hopefully put to good use this Saturday.

You never know, we might have to clear some space on his shelves at home for a new Junior Nash Carp Champion 2017 trophy…..you never know.

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