Crowsheath Fishery, Billericay – 03 Sept, 2017

Another Sunday and another new venue to try. This time Mathew has decided to give Crowsheath Fishery, Billericay a try, having read good things about it online.

We arrived at around 7am and Matthew promptly jumped out of the car to survey the lake. I managed to catch up with him about halfway round the lake, passing several discounted swims. The watercraft lessons that Steve Deare at Learn to Fish had taught him, seemed to be sinking in. He would stop at a swim, studying for potential water hazards or watching for bubbles of fizzing, signs that would determine our spot for the day. We almost made it all the way around the lake and back to car park again before Matthew decided on his swim for the day.

Sadly, it was to be a very, very quiet day and we drew a complete blank. Not even a sniff. Matthew did spend time chatting to some of the regulars, all of whom said the same thing, it had been a very, very quiet weekend. In fairness the fish were there, the quietness occasionally broken by the crash of a carp breaching the water but they just weren’t biting.

It wasn’t through lack of trying either; Matthew tried everything. Boilies, pop ups, fake sweetcorn, zig foam, smoke and goo. Ronnie rigs, pva bags and pva string. He tried everything in his arsenal but it wasn’t to be.

At one point I doubted whether Matthew had even turned on his bite alarms, or that we’d left them on from a previous trip and the batteries were dead. However, my fears were allayed when, during early afternoon and totally out of the blue, all three sang out in unison. Our heads both span round in the direction of Matthew’s rod pod and there, sat on the handle of one his rods was an exhausted looking fledgling pigeon. It did makes us both chuckle.


So after a half dozen cups of tea each and a couple of local take out ‘all day breakfasts’ later, we decided to call it a day and packed up. The weather had been good, albeit rather windy and I could at least enjoy the drive home, Matthew discussing plans for our next adventure and the thick, pungent all to familiar smell of king crab boilies wafting through the car….

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