Our first all-nighter – Brook Farm Fishery, Navestock – 26/27 Aug, 2017

We arrived at brook farm Fishery, Navestock at about 4pm for our first proper all nighter. Armed with our brand new bivvy and a mountain of snacks and drinks we set up by the lake. Of course it was left to me to set up our ‘camp’ for the night, while Matthew eagerly got his rods ready.


You could see the excitement and anticipation on his face when he spied an array of nice looking carp happily feeding on the top, on what was a lovely warm early summers evening. It was a pretty eventful early evening, with Matthew bagging 5 or 6 nice fish, with the largest topping just over 10 1/2lb. After collecting our pizza delivery at the farm gate and hungrily munching our way through it with a juice and a beer we settled down for the night.

Ever since he started carping he would regularly flick through the carping magazine and comment that he felt that there was something special about the catch photos taken at night. Anglers in the dark, headlamps on, being woken at silly o’clock by the faint buzz and vibration of a bite receiver. Half asleep but equally excited at the prospect of a nighttime PB.

Admittedly, I was genuinely looking forward to an early night and a good nights kip and even though Matthew settled down too it was clear he was just preparing himself was his first nighttime score. If was approx 11pm when it came. I was just dozing off when the bivvy erupted into action. Matthew sprang out of his camp bed into his sliders and was out of the door before my eyes had even opened.

An uncharacteristic whisper of ‘I’m in dad’ came moments later (Matthew doesn’t normally do whispering, hence my surprise). I listened intently from the warm comfort of my camp bed, to a combination of splashing noises, the occasional reel drag and some quiet self-encouragement, until the inevitable ‘Yes!’. That was my queue to leave my bed, grab my phone and slide on my newly purchased head torch. As I poked my head out into the dark a could see Matthew laying his landing net carefully down into his cradle. Beaming through the glare of my headlamp and phone flash we capture the moment. Nothing huge but nonetheless he finally had his first proper night catch.


I woke up at 6am the next morning to the smell of sausages. Matthew had cooked himself breakfast and had been busy since around 5:30, having already bagged a couple of early morning commons. He did manage another early morning catch just after breakfast but the rest of he morning was rather quiet.

Still, he’d achieved what he wanted to on our first overnight adventure. The new bivvy held up well and I’m sure we’re destined for many more night sessions.

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