Matthew decided against joining his brother aerial tree trekking this afternoon and instead had a quick cycle around the complex and then loaded up his ‘carp trike’ and went of exploring the other side of the main lake. Centre Parcs rules state that no fishing can be done until the days water-sports activities have come to an end, at 5:30pm. At 4:30pm Matthew has already chosen his spot for his afternoons carping, on the south side of the lake and was ready set up eagerly awaiting the off.

The afternoon mostly consisting of chasing wild foul away from the bait that he was trying to temp the fish to the top with. In the end he resorted to bottom baits and soon had all three rods out in the margins. One with sweetcorn, one with scopex squid and the last with a coconut cream snowman. The last set-up seemed to be the most popular of the afternoon, with several goods runs, one which resulted in a lovely 12lb Common from close in.


So far Centre ‘Carps’ hasn’t been as prolific as we had hoped but there are still two days left to go.

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