Centre ‘Carps’, Elvedon – Day 1

Ever since our Centre Parcs break was booked, we were all looking forward to a relaxing week of good weather, cycling, swimming and adventure. For Matthew it meant one thing, fishing.

We’d heard on various fishing forums that the main lake had seen 20lb+ mirrors and was packed with carp and other fish. So, along with suitcases and food for a weeks stay, the car was also loaded with as much of Matthew’s gear as we could possible fit in.

We arrived at our Lodge in the afternoon and it was clear pretty quickly that a Centre Parcs bike would be insufficient for Matthews carping requirements during our weeks stay. So after a quick trip back to the bike park Matthew had found the solution, a carp trike.


Our first day was mostly spent surveying the largest of the lakes but Matthew did get an hour in at the end of the day and managed to bag a nice little common just as we were packing up for our ride back to lodge 411 for the evening.


The weeks weather looks good and the carp we saw look like possible PB beaters. More to come from our adventures at Centre ‘Carps’ to come….

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