NASHTACKLEUK Wrights Nursery Lake – Day 3

We attended day 3 of the NashTackle free fishing school days on Wednesday 9th Aug.

We’d been watching the various weather forecasts the previous day, all of which pointed to a pretty miserable day. Well, for once the weatherman got it right and it lashed it down almost the entire session, with only a brief rest-bite.

Most would have given up after a few hours of torrential rain, I know I was more than ready to call it a day at around 1pm but oh no, not Matthew. Come rain or shine, he will be on the bank. Nothing, short of nuclear war, could convince him it was time to head for home and into the safety of a nice warm cosy bunker (take note Trump/Jong-Un, Matthew would not be pleased).

We were advised that today’s location would be much more difficult to fish. A smaller lake, with fewer fish and plenty of snags, in the form of masses of lily pads. Matthew spent most of the day fishing on the bottom only a few rod lengths out, without success. Then a break in the weather, gave him his opportunity. Just as the rain easy and the sun made a brief appearance, he spotted a few carp starting to feed off the top. He could also hear the slurping and sucking noise of the odd fish feeding within the dense cluster of lily-pads. He shouted over to one of the Nash guys, ‘they’re feeding on the top, whos got a stalking rod I can borrow’.  Within a few minutes Matthew had moved away from our bivvy and armed with a short 6ft rod and a handful of bread was now attempting to tease one of two carp out from the safety of their watery hideout.

Careful, he cast his line and bread into the pads and ever so slowly slid his bait over the green pads until it settled, half on a pad and half in the water. It would take long before he was in. With a gulp of soggy bread and deft strike of the rod, the fish was hooked. It was a good fight, all the time the fish trying desperately to return to the safety of the lily-pads and Matthew trying equally hard to draw the fish out in the relative safety of the open water.

It was the first carp caught on the day and the first of only two caught during the whole session, so he was more than pleased.


Shortly afterwards, the skys opened again and the rain persisted until the end of the session. It didn’t stop Matthew trying for more, like I said, the imminent threat of global destruction wouldn’t stop him doing what he loves best……



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