Learn To Fish – Carp Academy, Advance Carping Day – 05 Aug

Watercraft, 5 and 1/2 wraps, 4ft depth, stoney bottom then weed closer in?!?!

Depth rods, marker floats, braided line, spods, spoms, spomming, understanding the type of bottom, reading a new lake and Watercraft. All these things I knew nothing about. Some words I’d never even heard of before. Watercraft was the most important word of the day and as the morning progressed I was quite amazed what Matthew and I learned about how an angler should prepare before he even starts actually fishing.

We spent the day with Steve Deare from Learn To Fish. A brilliant coach for the kids.

Matthew was given his first real lesson in Watercraft, something that, as we discovered, is so important to a fisherman’s success. Matthew was shown how to cast out with a lead and while slowly reeling back in, how to feel for different textures on the bottom. It was quiet remarkable  how you could actually feel the difference between a muddy/clay bottom or one covered in weed or the knock knock knocking down the braided line and through the rod when the lead bomb was dragged over a stoney or gravelly patch. Using this technique, Matthew was able to get a good visual representation of the lake bed and then be able to decide exactly where to fish.

Then we moved on to depth. Matthew used a depth rod with a marker float and was shown how to determine the depth of the area he had chosen to fish.

Finally, he was shown the concept of ‘wraps’ and using the reel clip. Using bank sticks to  measure out the exact distance to his chosen stoney spot and using the reel clip to ensure that every single cast Matthew made, hit the same spot on the lake. We both learned so much in the first couple of hours of the session. Some things, in retrospect, seemed obvious, other little subtle details less so but all would help improve our chances of success.

By now Matthew was chomping at the bit to actually start fishing.  He set up his two rods for the day, having measured both out to the 5 1/2 wraps needed to hit his spot and he was off.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, Matthew netted a couple early on in the session. A lovely fully scaled mirror and then a equally impressive linear carp. The changeable weather throughout the day was also a bit of a challenge. Starting on the bottom, whilst the day was overcast and a little drizzly and then moving onto the surface, when the warm sunshine made an appearance towards the end of the afternoon. At the end of the day Matthew had bagged an impressive 6 carp, from the more difficult of the two lakes. But much more importantly, he had taken his first steps to mastering the art of Watercraft. Many thanks Steve.!




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