Made it into Carp-Talk Junior Round-up section for the first tme…very happy lad.!

For the last couple of months, everyone we’ve met on the bank or spoken to about Matthew and his fishing said the same thing; ‘Don’t forget to post your catch reports’.

At first we had no idea what everyone was talking about, then we discovered ‘Carp-Talk’. Ever since, every 10lb+ fish Matthew has managed to land, has been religiously posted on the Catch Report section of their site at the end of each weekend. And every Facebook or Twitter post has included the #carptalk hashtag.

For the last month or so, since we started recording Matthew’s catches, he’s been like a kid on Christmas eve on the Monday night before the weekly edition arrives on the shelves of the local newsagents every Tuesday. He’s been buying a copy and eagerly scouring the pages, in the hope of spotting his own beaming smile and latest catch staring back at him. A few weeks past but alas nothing, until this evening. It’s the school holidays and as usual Matthew has spent the entire day at his favourite lake, Tylers Common, with his friend Oliver Goodspeed in tow. He hadn’t had the time to visit Veja’s corner shop to collect his copy, so I popped in on my way home from work and picked one up. Of course I had to have a sneaky look through the junior section and to my delight, there he was. A picture of the first catch report we posted around 6 weeks ago, showing his 15lb 5oz Common caught at Puddledock Farm Fishery.

To say he was happy when he turned the page on the junior section and saw himself holding, what was, his PB was an understatement. The grin on his face said it all. He’d done it, he’d finally got himself his first Carp-Talk entry. I have a feeling it will be the first of many.

Carp-Talk Issue 1185 Smaller


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